Kristee Mays Photography: Blog en-us (C) Kristee Mays Photography [email protected] (Kristee Mays Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:23:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:23:00 GMT Kristee Mays Photography: Blog 120 120 Burgin Family I adore this family of 6! I've known them for many years, but this is the first time I've had the honor of photographing them. Talk about model family!!!

The beautiful Fall leaves did not disappoint us. The kids had so much fun playing in them. The Historic property we were blessed to use was also amazing. Knowing that we were walking the same footsteps as those from the Civil War was eery and amazing. The kids found a well that became their focus for quite a while. And then there was an amazing tree that was so big, you could play and discover inside it's many branches that spread across the ground like tentacles. It was the first thing the kids B-lined to investigate. What an adventure they had. 

Here are a few pictures from the shoot. Thanks Burgin Family!!!

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Senior Pictures Have Arrived! It's that time of year to get Senior pictures done and I had the pleasure of shooting the amazing Ashleigh! What a girl this is. Not only is she incredibly kind and sweet, but she is ambitious and outgoing. She is about to head to the Navy after she graduates and is going to be a Nuclear Engineer!!! I mean, seriously! She was a pleasure to photograph as she was a natural. May God richly bless you Ashleigh. What a treasure you are. Here are just a handful of the many images we took. Enjoy!

Ashleigh's Senior Pictures 2018 Ashleigh's Senior Pictures 2018 Ashleigh's Senior Pictures 2018 Ashleigh's Senior Pictures 2018 Ashleigh's Senior Pictures 2018 Ashleigh's Senior Pictures 2018 Ashleigh's Senior Pictures 2018 Ashleigh's Senior Pictures 2018 Ashleigh's Senior Pictures 2018

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Fall Pictures It's been a great Fall so far and these families were wonderful to work with. Let me introduce you to the Lombardi family. They were so natural in front of the camera and a real joy to photograph.

The Lombardi Family

The Lombardi Family

The most adorable little Vivi was so photogenic and fun. She took a minute to warm up to the idea of getting her pictures done, but after we just had fun, she was a natural.



This amazing family struck a genetic diamond mine. Gorgeous and sweet, they were a joy to photograph. Please welcome the Jensen family.

The Jensen Family

The Jensen Family

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The beautiful Aggie I had the pleasure of photographing the gorgeous face of Aggie today. She is a strong woman who works very hard and loves people. She has an amazing smile that lights up any room and a presence that exudes positivity. She has an incredibly busy schedule, but took the time out to treat herself to some head shots. Thank you Miss Aggie!

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The musical Woelber family There was something so nostalgic for me about photographing this lovely family last weekend. They are a musical family. Both parents are on the worship team at church and Mom teaches music to children. These boys are lucky to have such talented folks. But the kids are showing signs of brilliance themselves. I can't wait to see them grow. Here are some of the portraits from the session.

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Check it out! I feel very fortunate to have been critiqued by one of Australia's top photographers last week on her podcast So You Want To Be A Photographer: Episode 133. Fast forward to the 9:00 minute mark for the critique. I feel validated that i'm moving in the right direction!

So You Want To Be A Photographer: Episode 133

Thanks for listening and have a great week!

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Brothers from other mothers My boys may just look like two friends giggling about boy stuff on a beautiful day, placed in just the right place for a photo op. But they truly are authentically bonded in a lifelong complexly wonderful relationship. This image sums up their zest for life. Their ability to find even the smallest things amusing. I just so happen to be there to capture it in all it's glory.

While they may not look like they come from the same family, they share a very special bond. You see, my husband was adopted from South Korea as a baby and raised in America. Our oldest son is also adopted from Korea. Something we had always wanted to do as a way to give back for all the blessings that adoption had brought my husband. Our two youngest are quarter Korean because of their dad's half Korean heritage. So they have the same heritage woven into their genes whether they are blood related or not. We are so incredibly grateful that our oldest son's birth mother chose life for her son. And while she couldn't take care of him, she gave us the honor of raising him. Our boys are incredibly close and it's so amazing to watch them interact and love each other.

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The Power of Motherhood There is something innate about motherhood that seems to transcend fear, stress, unpredictability, sleep deprivation, self sacrifice, losing yourself and more. It's like a form of torture you are willing to go through because you have an indescribable love for the being in your arms. It's something you can't explain. You want to strangle that being sometimes because they keep you up all night or tear apart the house you just spent hours cleaning. And then, like none of that happened, you would give your life to protect them. Very reminiscent of God's love for us i'd say!

I had the privilege of capturing one of the most amazingly strong, tenacious, courageous and persevering moms I've ever met. She embodies the idea of self sacrifice not only in what she's had to survive, but also physically. At 45, she became pregnant and her auto-immune system decided to protest the pregnancy. Now, a single mom of 3, she suffers from both Vitiligo and Alopecia. She lost most of her hair and her skin lost pigment in patches all over her body. Many mistook her for a cancer patient. But despite the stress on her body and in her life, she has persevered insurmountable odds. Motherhood is hard enough. But add physical conditions, relational issues, and other problems beyond control and you have more than the average person can bare.

Below are some of the beautiful moments we captured.

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Let me introduce myself! Hi all,

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog to see what i'm all about. So let me tell you a little about me.

Who Am I?

I was born and raised in New Zealand. The land of the Hobbits and really awesome stuff! When i was 18, my whole family moved here for music and for at least 15 years, that is what i did professionally. And while i spent a majority of that time in the studio or supporting other artists on stage, i did get to have my own solo career for a time...under a stage name...that shall remain nameless...LOL! During my college years, i pursued photography as a major and, due to conflicts in course choices, ended up having to switch to a different major. That was back in the film days when you spent 9 hours in the dark room developing your film and images and didn't even realize the time. Good times! So after settling down and having kids, i have picked up my photography again and delighted in the fact that you can instantly see your images as you take them! What a game changer.

What influences my style?

I am a mother of 3 boys aged 7, 5, and 18 mths. I am also an artist, musician and lover of all things creative. I love to eat ethnic foods and have deep conversations with just about anybody. I'm recharged by learning new things and meeting new people. I love the inquisitiveness of children and pure joy they exude. I love being REAL! I love to photograph honestly. That is why i lean toward lifestyle, rather than staged portraits. But i believe there is just as much importance to both. I love to take people going through raw emotions and situations and give them a voice through my images. And i also love to capture the love and innocence of children and their families.

What can you expect in your session with me?

I will either meet with you or talk via phone or message to discuss what you would like your images to say. Whether they are pictures commemorating a special occasion, to keep a record of the major milestones in your family, a campaign to bring awareness to your cause, a head shot for your business, a coming of age portrait for your tween or teen, a new addition to the family, or a portrait of your beloved pet. Whatever your vision is, i am here to make it come to life. Once we have nailed down a concept and a date that works for us both, we will proceed with the session. I have taken a myriad of images of families and understand that in sessions involving children, there is an element of unpredictability. I actually love these challenges, as i have produced some of my best work under difficult circumstances. Whether the children are emotional, tired, bored, cranky, or the conditions are not the best. We will make it work or we will reschedule. After the session, i will edit the images and arrange to meet with you for the reveal.

What will be my investment?

Your session fee is $150. At your reveal session, you will be given options to purchase your images in many wonderful wall pieces, albums, Hi-Res digital images and more. The session fee covers the initial consultation, any travel within the Middle Tennessee area, the session itself, the editing, and the final reveal meeting. The fee does not cover the images themselves. Please click here for additional investment information.

There are so many awesome things to capture as a moment in time, and i would love to be a part of that with you :)

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